Sapphie’s adoption

These are the first few shots we took of Sapphie, our rescued Plott hound mix. We first found out about her in Fall 2014 through email conversation with an affiliate of City Dogs Rescue. Rescued from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina, she was staying at City Dogs’ Adams Morgan daycare facility when we first met her and took her in on a temporary foster basis.

From our first walks around the neighborhood it became clear that two-year-old “Bonnie” (her shelter name) was a rare mix of calm and cuddly indoors, yet athletic and playfully puppyish outdoors. Her adaptable mode switching was a would be an amazing fit with our routine of weekday apartment life and weekend hikes in the Shenandoah mountains.

However, we discovered right away that she seemed to have somehow been “reverse” potty trained. Her anxiety and unfamiliarity with a home would make her only go indoors and in secret, refusing to go outdoors in the presence of people – even on multi-hour walks. But after a stressful week or so of intensive crate training and positive encouragement, we successfully made the reversal.

By this time we’d already been giving thought to names, and settled on “Sapphie” shortly before her official adoption paperwork was complete. Sapphie is the title of an album by Glasgow-based Richard Youngs, itself named after a dog he’d befriended.